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ICU Security Systems are professional, licensed CCTV and Security System installers. We supply the latest technology in wired CCTV & Wireless camera Systems, Calving Camera Systems, DVR Recorders with Motion Detect Recording, Cameras with infra-red or day/night cameras with protective outdoor housing & even Wireless High Definition (HD) Calving Camera systems.

Security Systems available for retail, domestic/home, agricultural, business & commercial settings.


We also upgrade old systems.

We offer a nationwide FREE site survey to access your security needs. 


ICU Security Systems also supply and install wireless and wired security alarms for homes and business. 

Alarm Monitoring
Get your alarm monitored 24/7 for as little as 71c per day!
Control your alarm remotely by text.

Protect Your Valuables
A home security system has an alarm that scares off many would-be burglars and can notify the local

authorities if someone does attempt a break-in.

Lowers Home Insurance Premium
Installing an Alarm/CCTV system can lower your homeowner’s insurance by up to 20%.

That, combined with the other benefits, makes home security a pretty good deal.

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