Analogue CCTV System

Starter Kit:

2 Anti-Vandal Infrared 25/30 metre range Dome Cameras – This kit is typically used for one front camera covering the front area of the house, and one back camera covering the back of the house also allowing for further cameras to be added at a later date.

Mid Range Kit:

4 Infrared 25/30 metre range Dome Cameras – This kit is typically would be fitted on the four corners of a premises covering all areas required for up to 30 day recording, and can be installed with a one day timeframe.

HD 1080p Professional Home Security

1080p High Definition System provides high resolution, crystal clear footage.

IP CCTV System

1.3MP, 2MP, 3MP, 6MP, 12MP cameras available

Fish Eye

This camera is 360 degrees panoramic camera, which cuts down the amount of cameras needed. This camera is available in 3MP, 6MP, and 12MP resolution for higher quality images.

Benefits of owning a CCTV System

Increased  Deterrent

CCTV systems are a great deterrent to potential thieves. Once they realise that your home or business is protected by a closed circuit television system they invariably choose to go somewhere else.

Safer  Working  Environment 

CCTV helps to ensure adherence to health and safety policies and can be invaluable in staff training.

Reduced  Retail Theft 

Shop lifters deliberately target businesses with poor security, and will think twice if there is an increased risk they may be caught on camera.

Increased  Detection 

The prosecution rates for businesses/home owners using CCTV is many times higher than that for those without CCTV. If you are unfortunate enough to be a victim of crime at least there will be a strong chance of detection and conviction.

Remote  Monitoring 

Keep an eye on your home or business when you aren’t there. All our CCTV systems can be viewed and controlled remotely over the internet (via an iPhone, laptop etc).

Eliminate fraudulent Insurance Claims

Protect your business against claims that are not legitimate. CCTV can eliminate this and reduce your premiums.

ICU Security Systems 24/7 Service

We provide a 24 hour a day, 7 day per week support service, so should you require any assistance with your system, or in the unlikely event that there is a malfunction, we will always be on hand to help. Let us worry about your security!