Remote Viewing


What is Remote Viewing?
Remote Viewing allows you view CCTV cameras from anywhere in the world via an internet connection. You can view the images though your mobile phone or via a laptop or PC.  TABLET

How does remote viewing work?
In simple terms you have the Sender (your house) and the receiver (your laptop/phone etc.)
The sender comprises of one or more cameras connected to a video streamer. The video streamer streams the video signals over either a local network or the internet. In order for the receiver to be able to find the Sender it is allocated a unique IP address or a URLREMOTEVIEW


The receiver comprises either a laptop \ PC (connected to the internet) or a mobile phone with a small program installed. The user enters the allocated IP or URL address and if required a user name and password.
I don’t have any CCTV cameras!
We can complete a CCTV system installation for you! Including cameras around the exterior of your property with night vision, to cameras in your farm sheds to keep an eye on calving!

Can this be used with my current Broadband connection?
This system will normally work with any type of broadband connection. If you have a fixed IP address and a compatible router then the system should work with little fuss.

I don’t have broadband!
We can setup all this for you! We can arrange to have broadband installed on your phone line. This normally can be done remotely.

Broadband costs less than €30 per month often with no setup fee.
All you need to avail of remote viewing on your CCTV System, is either a PC\Laptop or a mobile phone.